Our embryology lab is the heart of our Cocoon Fertility Centre. With the help of the latest equipment and modern technology our embryology lab is converted into a space like that of the womb of a mother. It is adjusted at the same temperature, humidity, cleanliness and atmosphere of the womb, so that the embryos, sperms and eggs can thrive favourably and give positive results. This is a high end set up equipped with hepa filters using class 1000 air handling units which are run 24/7 to achieve Grade A air purity (EU-GMP). We achieve this with a customised air filtration system offering a particle free environment with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) count. In addition to this, our ultra-modern lab is also fitted with Coda filters and dedicated AHU and Laminar Air Flow systems for cleanest atmosphere for developing embryos. We have a backing of all latest equipment for IVF, ICSI and hatching from the USA, the UK, Japan and Australia and top quality latest incubators and culture media to ensure that your embryos will have the best possible opportunity to develop healthily. We follow and observe a high level of quality control by organizing regular quality checks for the lab and all our equipment.

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