Understanding The Nuances Of Fertility Preservation For Cancer Patients

Sep 05, 2017

Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients


Cancer treatments have improved chances of survival and a cure from cancer. Hence more patients are looking forward to living healthy lives as cancer survivors. Unfortunately, these treatments, be it chemotherapy, radio therapy or certain surgery, can adversely affect fertility, reducing the chances of conceiving naturally.

Fertility treatments and counselling are available to patients, both women and men, before they embark on treatments that may impair their fertility. In addition to cancer patients, who must undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, patients suffering from autoimmune diseases that require chemotherapy, those requiring bone marrow transplants, and women who suffer from conditions like endometriosis can also benefit from fertility treatments like egg freezing, sperm freezing and cryopreservation to preserve sperm or eggs for conception in the future.

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