Reproductive Surgery: The Complete Range Offered At Cocoon Fertility

Sep 04, 2017

We offer full range of open and key hole, diagnostic and fertility enhancing surgeries. We have the latest state-of-art operative laparoscopy set up and use the HD viewing system.


Laparoscopy is key hole surgery to look inside the pelvis with a telescope in order to diagnose and treat infertility causing problems such as :

•Tubal damage : Depending upon the extent of damage repair may be possible. We will then offer you procedures like fimbrioplasty, adhesiolysis and neosalpingotomy. If, however, there is significant damage to the tube and it is full of fluid, such a tube cannot be saved and will adversely affect the success of your ART treatment. In such an event we will offer either sealing the tube (clip ligation) or removing it (salpingectomy)

•Endometriosis : This is a condition where the lining of the womb grows on other organs such as bladder, bowel, ovaries or in the pelvis itself. Treatment of endometriosis with cautery / LASER / excision can improve symptoms and may increase the chances of natural pregnancy.

• Ovarian Cysts : Large cysts will affect fertility by affecting egg development and ovulation. Cysts of endometriosis as well as other varieties can be treated effectively through key hole surgery. Rarely the whole ovary may be damaged and removal of such an ovary may be needed. All pros and cons and options will be discussed with you before hand.

• Ovarian drilling for PCOS : Sometimes your PCOS may not respond to standard treatment with tablets or injection. We will in this case offer you ovarian drilling surgery. The procedure involves laparoscopy and then making small holes in the surface of the ovary in order to regulate your hormones. After this operation you may start ovulating on your own or will now start responding to medications.

• Fibroid Surgery : Some fibroids are amenable for treatment via laparoscopy thus avoiding open surgery. If the type and size of fibroid that you have can be removed by key hole approach, you will be offered the choice.


Hysteroscopy allows us to look inside the cavity of the womb with a telescope to both diagnose and treat uterine problems such as :

•Adhesions: Scar tissue caused by previous surgery, miscarriage or pregnancy.

•Uterine Septum : A fibrous division inside the cavity. We may advise that coils (IUCD) are inserted and hormonal medication taken to encourage healing.

•Polyps : Fleshy growths inside the uterine cavity which may prevent a pregnancy implanting.

•Fibroids : Non-cancerous growths of muscle in the wall of the womb, the size and location of which are important in the assessment of fertility. Occasionally fibroids which are large may need to be removed by open surgery which requires a 2-3 day hospital stay.

Open Surgery

All surgeries mentioned under the other tabs and more can be done conventionally. Open surgery through laparotomy may be offered or suggested if the disease condition is too advanced to be able to do with a key hole approach.

• Myomectomy : Open fibroid surgery. Irrespective of the approach to fibroids, we aim to preserve the uterus. Open surgery will involve a cut into the abdomen and recovery will take much longer. It is important to note that most patients that have a myomectomy may need a caesarean section when they get pregnant.

• Tubal reconstruction or Sterilisation reversal : This is major surgery and not all patients who have had sterilisation will benefit from or indeed be suitable for this treatment. The risk of ectopic pregnancy and re-blockage of the tube due to scar tissue formation makes this a procedure with limited success and hence offered to a very small selected population. Pre requisite to surgery is that the partner's semen sample must be normal. Chance of success will depend upon the site of the sterilisation, method of sterilisation and how much healthy tube remains. In the present era, IVF offers better success rates to the reversal of sterilisation.

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